Malaysia Graduates Entrepreneur Association

Persatuan Usahawan Graduan Malaysia

We Help Malaysia’s Young Entrepreneurs to Build Sustainable Businesses.

Young Entrepreneur Coaching

We help entrepreneurs overcome barriers to business growth or sustainability.

Business Intenders Building

Discover the possibilities available for your next big idea or business.

We Help You Grow

One of the Biggest Keys to Success is to Love What You Do

The Malaysia Graduates Entrepreneur Association (PUGM) provides business intenders and entrepreneurs in Malaysia with free advice, mentoring and coaching to help you start and run sustainable businesses.

One-on-One Advice

Coaching and Mentoring

Networking Opportunities

Inspirational Talks by High Profile Successful Entrepreneurs

Business Workshops and Events

Successful Entrepreneurs Community Chat Group

Business Basic

Business basic and an introduction to Self-employment.

Public Resources

Government and private sector support for your business.


Potential collaborations among graduates and successful entrepreneurs.


Introduction to Marketing and get started online.

Why Should I Join PUGM membership?

The PUGM is a groundbreaking and exciting membership that transforms graduates into real, confident entrepreneurs. Through the online resources, activities and coaching and mentoring by established entrepreneurs, members generate business ideas, conduct market research, write business plans, pitch to a panel of investors, and launch their very own companies.

How to apply for membership?
Fill up our membership application form in this link.
Is it free to apply for membership?
It is completely free to apply for membership.
What are the requirements for applying for membership?
You may apply to become a member through the following two categories:
– Malaysia residents applying as an individual;
– Enterprises that have registered in Malaysia applying in the name of the company.
I want to know the latest news. What should I do?

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I don't have a business yet, but I have a business idea. Can I join?
Business intenders are welcome to join our community to enjoy the resources and experiences we have to kick start your business idea into reality.

About PUGM

Persatuan Usahawan Graduan Malaysia (Malaysia Graduates Entrepreneur Association) or PUGM is an association established in year 2006 and to date has attracted over 2,000 members from all over Malaysia. PUGM’s was formed solely to pro actively create a network to assist aspiring young graduates to grow as successful entrepreneurs in all sectors and industries such as fashion, technology and services sector. It also conducts forum,seminars, training & courses to educate graduates who have inspiration into the business as well as entrepreneurial.

Embrace Your Passion. Live Your Dream. Change the World.

Members in the PUGM have achieved some pretty remarkable achievements. Whether it’s starting another business (or two, or three!), continuing running their businesses during college, or successful pitching to the venture capital!

Are you a graduate with a passion? PUGM can help you transform your passion into a REAL, small business. You can view the resources and apply for the membership, here.

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World. Start from Today!