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Thank you for making this “virtual” visit to PUGM. Come again soon, or, better yet, visit us in person. Get a feel of what I am lucky enough to witness everyday! Do contact us. We’ll be glad to hear from you!  – Dato Muzamir


Persatuan Usahawan Graduan Malaysia (Malaysia Graduates Entrepreneur Association) or PUGM is an association established in year 2006 and to date has attracted over 2,000 members from all over Malaysia. PUGM’s was formed solely to pro actively create a network to assist aspiring young graduates to grow as successful entrepreneurs in all sectors and industries such as fashion, technology and services sector. It also conducts forum,seminars, training & courses to educate graduates who have inspiration into the business as well as entrepreneurial.


ASEAN Young Entrepreneur Association (AYEA)

In 2013, all ASEAN countries’ NGO agreed to form Asean Young Entrepreneur Association (AYEA) and Persatuan Usahawan Graduan Malaysia (PUGM) representing Malaysia.

ASEAN Young Entrepreneur Network (AYEN)

ASEAN Young Entrepreneur Network (AYEN) under ASEAN Business Advisory Council

ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneur Forum (ACYEF)

Alliance in ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneur Forum (ACYEF)

Our Vision

To become the leading mentor towards empowering entrepreneurs to be a successful & intellectual entrepreneurs with credibility.


Our Mission

  • To salute the government’s challenges in producing successful entrepreneurs towards vision 2020.
  • To groom, change perception and mindset of young entrepreneurs in line with the development of industrial, technological and global economic.
  • To empower the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs through focus agenda.
  • To provide opportunities to new entrepreneurs in enhancing their knowledge, skills and time management to become a high level graduate entrepreneurs.
  • To advice and give consultancy services to empower business management and problem solving through courses, seminars and trainings


Founder’s Story

Dreams and success do come true. This is something I wholeheartedly believe.‎ Way back in 2006 when myself and few others colleague decided to form up PUGM, people thought we are looking for political mileage. I faced so many obstacles but I persevered and have come a long way and PUGM started with a small numbers of member and have grown by leaps and bounds to become a Government backbone in educating young people in entrepreneurship.

 PUGM encountered countless challenges and it was a tough battle for us to change mindsets and policies but together with my wonderful staff, PUGM worked tirelessly for the past 9 years to take our success to be recognized.

PUGM are now a truly Organization that provides the best access to young entrepreneur to make their dream come true. To PUGM Board Members and members, thank you for your hard work and dedication! Thank you for continuing to believe in us. PUGM have thoroughly enjoyed this journey with you!


Dato’ Muzamir Mustafa


Dato' Muzamir Mustafa

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