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Bahtera Selatan 2017 – Fashion Runway

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Activities, Blog@PUGM, Latest news

Bahtera Selatan 2017 Fashion Runway is a programme in conjuction with Bahtera Edisi Selatan 2017.

Bahtera Edisi Selatan 2017 is an initiative of Malaysia’s National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) under Ministry of Finance through the National Entrepreneurship Development Office (NEDO), the National Strategy Unit (NSU) and in collaboration with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF).

The objective of Bahtera Runway 2017 is to encourage the use of creative design and fashion fusion to create a more contemporary look with global market potential. Participants will be taught the basic skills such as pitching, marketing and business development.

Please click below link to see event image gallery.

Bahtera Selatan 2017 – Fashion Runaway



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